Gritters head out on test run ahead of winter

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General News.
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Lincolnshire County Council’s fleet of gritters headed out on their first test run of the year yesterday (Saturday) in preparation for this year’s autumn and winter freeze.

Although the mercury headed to the high teens today the council said it was determined to ensure it was well prepared when the freeze does start to set in.

“Although we are not expecting winter weather conditions just yet in Lincolnshire, we are ensuring that we are well prepared yet again,” said a spokesperson.

“Forty-three gritters emerged from our depots at Sturton, Willingham, Manby, Horncastle, Ancaster, Thurlby, Chainbridge and Pode Hole.

“We checked that our gritters were working correctly and that our winter response team was well prepared for any challenges ahead,” they added.

The county’s gritters treat almost 1,900 miles of roads in Lincolnshire - just over a third of the entire road network.

This year the fleet has 12 new gritters, as well as five spare gritters for unforeseen circumstances.

Last year the council used 40,000 tonnes of grit to treat roads – the highest amount on their records.

The council currently has 28,000 tonnes in stock and another 7,000 is expected by December 6.