Dinghy-load of ‘intoxicated’ men rescued half a mile off Chapel Point

A rescue at sea.
A rescue at sea.

A dinghy-load of drunken sailors were rescued half a mile off Chapel Point last night (Friday) after their inflatable craft drifted into danger.

Four men aged between 19 and 33 ‘believed to be under the influence of alcohol’ were taken to Skegness Hospital with hypothermia after they began taking on water while drifting out to sea.

Skegness deputy station manager Colin Peet says the incident could have been ‘much more serious’ and has issued a warning to those considering such foolhardy expeditions.

“Taking a dinghy to sea without the relevant safety equipment, radio, telephone and flare, is putting yourself at serious risk,” he said,

“Luckily they were spotted by a member of public and thankfully all of those involved were rescued safely but it could have easily been a much more serious incident.”

A wind farm survey vessel which was in the area took the four men on board until they could be collected by Skegness RNLI’s inshore rescue boat.

Coastguard crews from Chapel St Leoanrds and Skegness were alerted shortly before 6pm and waited ashore to perform first aid on the hypothermic men before they were taken to Skegness Hospital.

“Half an hour later and that wind farm vessel would have been gone and we could have been looking at something an awful lot worse,” added Mr Peet.