Cycle safety campaigner hurt in fall from bike, but helmet came to aid

Mark Smith and son Ryan.
Mark Smith and son Ryan.

An award-winning cycle safety campaigner from Chapel St Leonards has been hurt after falling from his bicycle, but says he was spared further injury because he was wearing a helmet.

Mark Smith, regional Fundraiser of the Year in the Pride of Britain Awards 2014, fell from his bike after it struck a pothole on his journey home from work in Skegness yesterday (Thursday, November 13).

It left him with cuts and bruises, as well as a spell in A&E.

Mark was wearing a helmet, which he says came to his aid.

He said: “I really did give my head a whack.”

Paramedic Mark Smith has campaigned tirelessly for the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets since his son Ryan suffered brain injuries in an incident on his bicycle last year while not wearing a helmet.

Of his fall in light of this campaign, he said: “It’s not the way I wanted to put the message across, but I’m under no illusion I would have had, at best, a very poorly headache.”

Mark’s injuries meant he could not travel down to London to be involved in the BBC’s Children in Need campaign, with Ryan due to feature this evening as part of the appeal.

He said: “It’s a beautifully put-together piece, about five minutes’ long, about Ryan’s journey.”