County to spend a further £2.6 million on winter and drought damaged road repairs

COUNTY councillors have announced that they are to top up this year’s highways maintenance budget by £2.6m to repair the worst affected winter and drought damaged roads in the county.

Severe winter weather combined with the recent drought has resulted in a larger number of roads needing repairs.

Executive member for highways and transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “We’ve experienced some real extremes of weather which means that more roads than usual have been damaged.

“We’ve seen the number of potholes increase following some of the worst winter weather for many years recently, and the prolonged drought of around eighteen months has led to lengthy cracks of the road surface in some areas.”

A joint bid earlier this year with four neighbouring authorities to the Department of Transport (DfT) for extra cash to tackle the drought damaged roads was not successful.

Councillor Webb added: “We were extremely disappointed not to have succeeded with our bid to the DfT for cash to specifically tackle drought damaged roads.

“It’s rare to have roads so widely affected by this and we cannot address it out of our existing budget.

“By digging deep into our reserves, despite tightened economic times, we can now prioritise the winter and drought damaged roads that are causing us most concern.

“We need to do all we can to help ensure our roads are safe for people to use.”

Look online at for the full list of priority roads that are set to be repaired over the summer.