Councillor ‘speeds up’ work on street lights

General News.
General News.

A Lincolnshire county councillor wants to let residents of a Skegness street know some previously replaced street lights which had not been connected have now had work moved forward to allow them to illuminate the road once more.

Lincolnshire County Councillor for Skegness South, Robin Hunter-Clarke, heard of a resident’s plight in Forsyth Crescent, Skegness, where previously replaced street lights had not been reconnected. It had been feared that it might take as long as three months to have them relit.

But after the councillor contacted the department responsible, work has now been moved forward to next week (Wednesday, January 18).

“I had a resident ring me the other night who left me a message,” said Cllr Hunter-Clarke. “Unfortunately she did not leave her number so I was unable to ring her back to inform her of the good news.

“The lady said that two street lights had recently been replaced but had not been connected and when ringing Lincolnshire County Council they told her it would be another three months until they were to be switched on.

“This clearly is unacceptable as it is important the streets are well lit on these dark winter nights,” said Cllr Hunter-Clarke.

“After speaking to the street lighting department I am able to inform her and the residents concerned that the connection date is now scheduled for January 18, 2014,” he added.