Consultation starts on Lumley Road traffic flow changes

A PUBLIC consultation has begun over proposed traffic flow alterations intended to revitalise Lumley Road as a more attractive shopping destination.

Lincolnshire County Council has sent letters informing potentially affected businesses and residents of three potential alterations to the current system and requesting feedback on which, if any, they would prefer.

Senior highways officer Ian Mickleburgh said: “After discussions with various organisations in Skegness, options to improve the town centre while trying to effectively manage the volume of traffic in the area centred on Lumley Road are being consulted on.

“The aim is to make it as attractive as possible for people visiting the town centre.”

The initial proposal raised by town councillors and representatives of the business community was for complete pedestrianisation of Lumley Road.

However a traffic modelling exercise carried out by LCC indicated that it would put too much strain on alternative routes.

Although many of the consortium behind the proposal felt that LCC were too dismissive of their favoured choice, they have supported more minor traffic alterations as the best alternative.

Option A, as it is referred to in the consultation is for traffic to travel westbound only f along Lumley Road from Rutland Road to Lumley Avenue, then on to Algitha Road where it would travel eastbound back to Rutland Road.

Option B is to close the junction of Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue to create a bus stop and a more extensive pedestrian environment and Option C is for aesthetic enhancements but no traffic flow changes.

Views must be sent to LCC by March 2 by post or via email to