Coastal parking enforcement warning

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Motorists along the coast have been warned traffic wardens are expected to target the region during the tourism season.

The Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson fears the parking enforcement campaign could cause ‘friction’ between drivers and wardens.

“People should not be parking illegally but it could lead to frustration if they are targeting the area,” he said during Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting.

“If they are going to come down and hit us hard in the season that could cause disturbance in our community,” he added

Coun Ken Milner, who is also a Lincolnshire County Council member, explained that highways officers have informed hoteliers about the likely presence of enforcement officers so they could forewarn their guests.

And Coun Mark Smith, a fellow county council colleague, added that the enforcement officers were not ‘targeting’ the region in a vindictive sense, merely timing their visits to coincide with the seasonal introduction of parking restrictions, many of which started on Good Friday.