Car verge ‘menace’

VEHICLES for sale parked on grass verges in Skegness are an inconvenience and unfair to legitimate businesses according to some town councillors.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clark asked Inspector Terry Ball about the legality of this practice and whether anything was being done about it at a Skegness Town Council meeting on Wednesday.

He said: “An ever-growing problem in Skegness is the parking of vehicles on grass verges - Lincoln road is an example of this but it is common in other areas of Skegness also with cars often displaying ‘for sale’ signs in their windows.”

Despite many councillors sharing these concerns, Inspector Ball explained that legally there was little that could be done to combat the practice, providing the vehicles has the correct documentation and tax.

However, if the same property owner has three or more vehicles for sale within a 500 metre stretch of road, ELDC could issue charges.

Coun George Saxon felt that the multi-agency approach to matters regarding parking and vehicle sales resulted in the police and local authorities ‘passing the buck’ when it came to enforcement.

With responsibility for these issues being shared between the police and highways departments, Coun Sid Dennis felt that legitimate motor sales businesses were losing out.

“Other businesses with car yards pay expensive business rates and licenses and are getting very annoyed at these people for selling vehicles from in front of their premises,” he said.