Car parking changes approved by council executive

General News.
General News.

Car parking changes in East Lindsey have been rubber-stamped by the district council’s executive board.

The changes will apply at council-run car parks, subject to a period of statutory consultation, and follow scrutiny of controversial earlier changes introduced last year.

The council’s executive agreed to implement all of the Scrutiny Group’s recommendations including two hours free car parking on all car parks which currently providing one hour free.

On a Sunday car parks with a maximum stay of one hour will be increased to two hours. The council also plans to improve signs in car parks, highlighting free periods, will also introduce a ‘pay by phone’ system for the start of the new tourist season and plans to improve motor home parking.

The council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Steve Newton, said: “We thank the Scrutiny Group for their thorough and comprehensive review into the changes that we made a year ago to car parking across the district.

“While the Group recognised that parking charges in East Lindsey were not excessive it did suggest that some adjustments to the current arrangements should be considered.

“These recommendations have all been approved and will ensure we have an appropriate and balanced approach to parking across East Lindsey.”

A timeline for the implementation of new car park arrangements will be developed following the period of statutory consultation.

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