Bus stop location debate

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THE location of bus stop in town came under fire at a recent town council meeting, amid concerns that it could pose potential safety issues.

Skegness Town Councillors entered a debate as to whether the location of the bus stop in Wainfleet Road, near to the Job Centre could be dangerous.

Coun Sue Binch said of the stop, “It is an accident waiting to happen.”

The motion was put forwarded by Coun Binch who asked the full council to consider, formally requesting that Lincolnshire County Council move the bus stop on the road to a more suitable location.

Coun Binch expressed that the stop, on occasions, brought lorries to a standstill when a bus was parked there. Mrs Binch also noted that the pedestrian crossing was very faded and the area could by highly dangerous for the local emergency services trying to get through.

She also said the road could be ‘an absolute nightmare’ and thought accidents could happen involving vehicle wing mirrors hitting each other because of the narrow width of the road.

Coun Christine Draper said that there could often be a row of traffic on the road and turning into Morrisons could be very difficult.

Some councillors debated the thought of moving the bus stop further up the road but a majority eventually concluded that it was a very well served stop that many people use and moving it was not an option.

The council eventually concluded that it would not be an item on a town council agenda.

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