Bus cuts hit family’s earnings

A FAMILY with two young boys face a bleak Christmas this year after bus service cuts sent them into financial turmoil.

Chapel St Leonards couple Chris and Gemma Adams have been forced to spend nearly £100 a week on taxi fare travelling home from work in Skegness after Stagecoach axed its evening services.

Chris said: “Pretty much all my money is spent on covering taxi journeys - I’ve had to sell a Nintendo Wii just to have money for this week and with Christmas coming up and two young boys, it’s going to be really difficult this year.

“I don’t see they don’t have fewer buses during the day so they can run them later.”

Chris earns a relatively modest wage working in the restaurant of the County Hotel on North Parade.

He fears that unless he continues working for virtually no discernable financial gain over the winter months, he will not be offered employment when the bus services resume in spring.

His wife Gemma works as a carer at Skegness Hospital and is also regularly required to spend £16 on taxi fare to get home after evening shifts.

Although she receives a higher salary than her husband’s the strain on the family’s finances is more than her wages can sustain alone.

Gemma’s mother Jane Montell, won’t even consider spending her wages on taxi fare and has been forced instead to walk the seven miles home from her evening shifts at the Lucky Strike Cafe.

Chris feels it unfair that his mother-in-law is expected to spend more than two hours a night walking alone in the freezing winter weather just to earn a wage.

His family and hundreds of coastal residents who rely on public transport are outraged at the service reductions brought about by Lincolnshire County Council’s subsidy cuts.