Burgh Forward’s car service saved

A VITAL lifeline for less mobile residents of Burgh le Marsh has been saved.

Burgh Forward’s voluntary car service works to provide vital transport for those who are not able to make the journeys themselves, owing either to disabilities or a lack of available public transport.

But it had been in danger of folding after its co-ordinator was forced to stand down due to the volume of their other voluntary commitments.

Although the scheme had plenty of volunteer drivers, the lack of a co-ordinator meant that the group fell foul of a council requirement that put the future of the whole scheme in jeopardy.

However, following a productive meeting last week the co-ordinator of a similar scheme in Louth has offered to fill the role until a permanent solution can be found.

Anyone wishing to use the service in the meantime should call Louth and District Volunteer Car Service on 01507 609 535.

Burgh Forwards’ Jim Dodsworth is delighted that Louth have stepped into the breach to fill the vital co-ordinator role. Although the point of contact is based in Louth, the volunteer drivers will continue to come from the Burgh area.