A bypass could ‘enhance the quality of life’ in Skegness

A LONG-TERM traffic plan involving a Skegness bypass is needed to alleviate many of the town’s problems and ‘enhance the quality of life’ for its residents.

That was the view raised by many senior figures at the latest traffic flow meeting at the North Shore Hotel on Friday. Businessman and landowner Roy Sanderson carried out a traffic overview looking at the problems of increased tourism traffic travelling through the town’s outdated road network.

He suggested that a proposal, which was first raised almost a decade ago, involving a bypass connecting the A52 and the A158, could be the solution.

He said: “The benefit for traffic flows in the area would be tremendous and the quality of life for both residents and visitors enhanced.”

The route would enable delivery vehicles to bypass the centre of town and travel directly to the industrial estate off Wainfleet Road.

Others present were supportive of the plans and agreed that a forward thinking vision is what’s required.

Chamber of Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce Glenis Brown said: “If we only think small, nothing ever gets done - I think we are too passive and we assume that we won’t get anything.”

However with financial strains currently limiting a wide variety of developments Coun Dick Edgington believes ‘the biggest impediment is political will at Whitehall’ and that a dramatic change in road planning policy is needed from central government before any plans would become possible.

However Mr Sanderson explained that the main landowners had previously agreed to offer the land free of charge.

He also thought that a change in planning policy from East Lindsey District Council could place requirements on developers to contribute to the costs as part of their planning agreements.