£6,000 Anderby Creek windfall for lifesavers

The cheque presentation ceremony in Anderby Creek on Saturday evening.
The cheque presentation ceremony in Anderby Creek on Saturday evening.

TWO local lifesaving charities have benefitted to the tune of £6,000 - thanks to the generous residents of Anderby Creek.

A presentation was held at the Beach Cafe in Anderby Creek on Saturday evening, where two cheques were handed to representatives from Chapel St. Leonards Coastguard and the Mablethorpe RNLI lifeboat team.

£4,000 was given to the RNLI with the remaining £2,000 going to the Chapel St Leonards. group.

The money was raised by the Anderby Creek Community Charity through a variety of fundraising events which took place all over the village and involved many residents.

One of the organisers, Jill Burbidge said: “We raised the money throughout the year by doing a lot of different things.

“We’ve had raffles, bingo nights, fun days for the children in Easter and the summer, just the usual things really.”

“We’re not a big village so to raise that amount of money is great.”

The work of these charities is extremely important in maintaining the safety of the Lincolnshire coastline.

Since 1965, almost 650 launches have been carried out at Mablethorpe Lifeboat Station alone and 361 lives saved.

As well as the two main cheques, a further £300 in extra donations was also handed to the RNLI on the evening, raising their amount to £4,300.

“We would like to express our thanks,” said Dale Chapman, lifeboat operations manager with the Mablethorpe RNLI.

“The money raised will go towards vital lifesaving equipment and in particular the RNLI is currently running a new campaign ‘Lifejacket For Lifesavers’. The average cost for the lifejackets is approx £3,000 per station.”