VIDEO: Work needed to fix pothole riddled stretches of the A52 between Skegness and Boston

The poor state of stretches of the A52 between Skegness and Boston have long been the cause of misery to motorists.

We have featured numerous letters in the paper from drivers who have called for action to be taken to fix pothole riddled stretches.

Potholes on A52 Wainfleet-Skegness

Potholes on A52 Wainfleet-Skegness

In a true Top Gear-esque inspired stunt we strapped a camera ‘firmly’ to the front of our pool car to see just how bad the stretch was.

And while some sections, most notably the Boston end, are fine... when you reach Wainfleet it starts to become a different story.

Back in February last year we reported that a list of major road improvements – totalling almost £4 million – was to get under way in our area, highways chiefs have promised.

This included a major overhaul of the A52.

The first of the work was set to take place in May, but as the video shows there’s still plenty more to be done.