UPDATE: More roads flooded as heavy rain continues across county

Lincolnshire Police are warning motorists to take care as heavy rain continues to disrupt the county’s roads.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 5:24 pm
Lincolnshire Police is warning motorists to take care on the roads following the heavy rain. ANL-191106-110625001

More roads are now flooded or impassable. Here are some you may wish to avoid:

Vicarage Lane, Wainfleet St.Mary, Skeg - road badly flooded

Main Street, Ashby-by-Partney, near Holton Road - road badly flooded

B1195, Main Street, Great Steeping, Spilsby, at the bend with Old Church Lane and Sandy Lane - road badly flooded

Harrowby Road, Grantham - Telegraph wire down near junction of Beacon Lane

Harrington Road, Hagworthingham, Spilsby - river has burst its bank and flooded the road

A1104, Station Road, Alford - tree blocking the road

A1155, Main Road, Revesby, Boston - road flooded

B1195, Main Road, Lusby, on the road to Lusby from Horncastle - road badly flooded

Belton Park Road, Skegness - road badly flooded

Road disruptions in Lincs due to heavy rain (situation at 11am):

Aswardby, Spilsby – at the junction of Langton and Sutterby - road impassable

Hagnaby Road, Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby – road impassable

B1203, Bully Hill Top, Tealby – road badly flooded

B1178, Station Road, Potterhanworth, Lincoln – road badly flooded

Raithby Hall, Raithby, Spilsby – Road badly flooded

Freiston Road, Boston – road badly flooded

Malting Lane, Donington, Spalding – road badly flooded

Partney Road, Sausthorpe, Spilsby – fallen tree blocking carriageway

A158, Main Road, Hagworthingham, Spilsby – tree blocking road

Edinburgh Walk, Holbeach – road closed at Fleet Street, and road badly flooded at Park Lane

Banks Street, Horncastle – road badly flooded

B1203, Bully Hill Top, Tealby – road badly flooded between Tealby and Kirmond Le Mire

Milestone Road, Bourne – road badly flooded at A15, Thurlby, near and on the A15/A151 roundabout

Raithby Hall, Raithby – road badly damaged

Mareham Lane, Spanby – junction with A52 badly flooded

A157, Main Road, South Reston, Louth – road impassable on bend with Scrub Lane

Hagnaby Road, Old Bolingbroke – road impassable

The Grove, Mavis Enderby – road badly flooded

Rookery Lane, Lincoln – road badly flooded

Somerton Gate lane, Waddington – tree blocking the road

B1178, Station Road, Potterhanworth – road impassable at Railway Bridge

Somerton Gate Lane, Waddington – tree obstructing the road

B1225, High Street, Ranby – partially fallen tree blocking the road

Station Road, Tetney – large tree blocking both lanes

Blackwell Row, Roughton Road, Kirkby-on-Bain – road badly flooded

A1 Southbound at Long Bennington – road badly flooded in lane one

High Street, great Sturton, Horncastle – tree blocking road near Great Sturton turn off

Gunby Road, Candlesby – road badly flooded

Lenton Way, Frampton – big tree obstructing the road

A156, Main Street, Torksey – badly flooded at Torksey lock bridge

West Street, Boston – road badly flooded

Waterloo Road, Mablethorpe – tree down on both lanes near Repton Road

A631, Lincoln Road, South Elkington, Louth – road is badly flooded and closed from A16 roundabout

A631, Magna Mile, Ludford – tree down across East bound carriageway

Wigtoft Road, Sutterton – road badly flooded

Dalbyside, Langton, Spilsby – tree down

A1028, Roman Road, Skendleby - tree down at Skendleby crossroads

A1028, Main Road, Ulceby, Alford – road blocked by tree

A52, Bicker Road, Donington – tree blocking road one mile from Donington

A52, Horbling – tree down heading into Donington eastbound