Town Council matters


Skegness Town Council met on Wednesday, February, 5.

In the public speaking session, Brenda Futers asked the council: “When the task group meet to formulate decisions on the public speaking session, please be aware that we have knowledge and will you somehow include us in your discussion?”

Skegness mayor, Jim Carpenter told Mrs futers that the task group would consider this.

Skegness Community Police Inspector Andy Morrice told the council that the local force are in the process of setting up a caravan site watch scheme.

The scheme is hoped to prevent caravan crime and the police will encourage the removal of all items from caravans in the close season.

Inspector Morrice also said it was important for caravan owners to get serial numbers on their property, in the event of it being stolen, it can be found and returned much easier to owners.

Inspector Morrice said: “It’s not unusual for us to find forty telly’s in a property, that we know are stolen, but we can’t return them.”

Councillor’s Kemp, Gray, Ellis and Edginton were appointed as members of the public participation task group and were told by Town Clerk, Steve Larner to elect a chairman.

Councillor Steve O’Dare lead the condolences for the family of fellow district councillor Steve Newton after learning of his passing.