Town claims victory in Fairy Dell battle

PEOPLE power has secured a victory for Skegness in the Fairy Dell battle.

East Lindsey District Council has bowed to public pressure and announced plans to refurbish the paddling pool, on the southern foreshore.

Its decision came three days after a heated Skegness Town Council meeting at which councillors and the public demanded the pool be reopened.

Mayor Coun Mark Anderson said: "The message has been firmly given to ELDC that the town council and residents of Skegness want the Fairy Dell to be refurbished and to remain open.

"I would like to congratulate the Skegness Standard for leading a successful campaign, and Jack Oldbury for raising a petition of several thousand people."

ELDC said in a statement it was 'preparing plans and costings for the refurbishment of the Fairy Dell'.

But there followed a warning: "Due to the original design and construction of the Fairy Dell the refurbishment will be a major project that will involve considerable cost, time and disruption."

EDLC has agreed to cease work on a 76,000 temporary pool on the former Festival Pavilion site, and will investigate whether a short-term facility can be installed at the Fairy Dell while more permanent plans are drawn up.

Chief executive Nigel Howells said: "We will now be working with the town to develop a brief for the refurbishment of the Fairy Dell, and I look forward to further talks and discussions with the town council and the wider community as these exciting plans progress."

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