Tower Gardens Pavilion to host relocated Skegness registration office?

Could Tower Gardens Pavilion be home to the relocated Skegness registry office?
Could Tower Gardens Pavilion be home to the relocated Skegness registry office?
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An historic building in the heart of Skegness which has lain derelict and unused for years, could be revived as a new registration office.

Lincolnshire County Council has announced it will be moving its registration service in June from the Skegness Area Office on Ida Road to an as yet undisclosed location.

But having recently confirmed its intentions to resurrect Tower Gardens Pavilion using European funding, it is rumoured the former Inn on the Park could be that location.

The Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson has also remained tight-lipped on the subject, though he was confident the new location would be ‘significantly better’.

“It will be a significantly better facility than the current offer but I can’t say where it will be,” he said.

The pavilion has been subject to a number of rescue bids over recent months, none of which have yet proved successful.

Skegness Town Council considered relocating from the Town Hall into the premises last year but deemed the costs too high.

East Lindsey District Council then invited community groups and organisations to submit plans to take over the running but none were approved as financially sound.

Last month the county council confirmed it was ‘looking at the possibilities’ of reviving the building in partnership with the district council.

Chief property officer Kevin Kendall said: “Things are only in the early stages, and we will be identifying the potential uses for the building over the coming months.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to create something that is of benefit to the local community.”

If approved, finances for the project would come from the county council’s pending European Regional Development Fund application, though Mr Kendall was at the time not fully assured of its eligibility.

It has also been rumoured that other county council services could be relocated to the new site, which would support the long-held aspirations to transform the derelict building into a community hub.

Donna Sharp, county services manager at Lincolnshire Registration and Celebratory Services, commented on the relocation: “We’re currently working to secure a suitable alternative in the town, which we will be able to share with local residents in the near future.”