Top music place for six-year-old

Sebastian Carrington
Sebastian Carrington
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A MUSICAL prodigy from Skegness recently won a coveted place at the world-renowned Birmingham Conservatoire.

Sebastian Carrington who is just six, will join the Junior Department of the Conservatoire this September.

“What makes this remarkable is that Sebastian turned six-years-old this February,” said his father Richard.

“It is an outstanding achievement for one so young, as it is very rare indeed to be admitted to any Music school or Conservatoire under the age of eight.

“In fact, the Birmingham Conservatoire has never accepted a six-year-old into its Junior Conservatoire,” he added.

Sebastian began playing piano formally at the tender age of three after showing an amazing ability to remember a tune and to play it by ear on his toy piano.

Sebastian progressed quickly under the careful guidance of Mrs April Chapman, taking his prep-test at age four where he then achieved Grades One and Two both with Merit at the age of five.

Ricard said: “A highlight of last year was being chosen to perform at the Royal Festival Hall with world famous pianist Lang Lang; Sebastian was the second youngest child chosen to play.

“He is due to take his Grade Four examination this July, at the exceptionally young age of six-and-a-half!”

Mrs April Chapman for the Piano Academy, said: “Sebastian has always displayed natural musical ability from his very first piano lesson and I have learnt as much from teaching him as he has learnt from me.

“I can honestly say that Sebastian is a very gifted little boy with possibly the most unique talent I have ever seen from a student so young.

“It has been an absolute pleasure for me to help him on his way to even bigger and better musical achievements and I wish him every success at his new music school.”

“Everyone that knows Sebastian will be well aware of his other passion; an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the Universe,” explained Richard.

Clever Sebastian has even had some of his work published in Space Magazine published by Mensa where he has been a member since the age of three.

Sebastian is looking forward to pursuing this passion further by undertaking a GCSE astronomy course in the coming months.

Sebastian’s parents said that they are ‘incredibly proud’ of their son’s achievements and ‘wish him success with his musical and astronomical pursuits’.