There’s gold in them there marshes

Riddle of the Marshes
Riddle of the Marshes

Treasure hunters have one last chance to grab a still unclaimed £9,000 gold bar in a countryside riddle aimed at helping save threatened rural landscapes in Lincolnshire.

Clues connected to myths and mysteries surrounding ancient marshland linking coast and countryside will lead to one riddle solver claiming the £9,000 gold bar, but treasure seekers only have to October 6 to crack the puzzle.

Already the Riddle of the Marshes has captured worldwide interest, with clue-laden themed packs snapped up as far afield as Canada, USA and Thailand.

The innovative project aimed at raising the profile of rural communities and historic grazing marshes stretching from Grimsby to Gibraltar Point along the Lincolnshire coastline has won the support of Harry Potter and Star Wars actor Warwick Davies.

Warwick said: “Lincolnshire has many small towns and communities that are a pleasure to visit. I have family in Louth, so I travel to that part of the world often. The Riddle of the Marshes is a great way for people to discover the treasures of Lincolnshire and maybe even come away with some actual treasure.”

This unique treasure hunt will lead those taking part on a journey of knowledge and discovery through Lincolnshire’s Grazing Marshes. Tucked away amongst the ancient pastures and rolling landscape of East Lindsey are the answers to a riddle that will unlock a vault containing 10oz of solid gold. Nothing is hidden or buried and all the clues are visible in a public space.

Illustrated Riddle of the Marshes packs, costing £15, offer a tempting insight in to countryside legends as well as the many hidden gems of this undiscovered part of the country.

With more than 150 packs sold so far, the campaign to promote a forgotten landscape, forged over centuries of traditional farming on a changing coastline, has already generated increased footfall at local B&Bs, museums and shops. But as yet, no one has come up with the winning vault combination and time is running out.

Packs are available from Louth, Skegness and Mablethorpe, Tourist information Centres, or can be ordered on 01507 613134.

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