‘There is no split in the Labour party’ - Boston and Skegness candidate

Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny
Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny

Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny has insisted ‘there is no split’ in his party and said he is confident people will support its manifesto.

Mr Kenny’s comments come following the leak of the party’s draft manifesto today (Thursday), which has lead some commentators to suggest members of Jeremy Corbyn’s own party could be out to sabotage him and destablize the party in the run up to the General Election on June 8.

However, Mr Kenny told The Standard this wasn’t the case. Asked about the Labour party’s well-documented divisiveness over Mr Corbyn, Mr Kenny said: “Open and frank discussion in the Labour party is, I believe, healthy, but Jeremy has run two leadership elections and won.

“People have a democratic right to disagree with him but the party is wholly behind Jeremy Corbyn.”

About the leak itself Mr Kenny said: “Am I bothered about it? No. Will you get to see it on Monday? Yes.

“I think we are going to see a manifesto which is progressive and for the people of this county.”

Regarding the cost of the manifesto, which many have questioned whether the Labour party will actually be able to afford, Mr Kenny said: “We have fully reviewed our spending commitments and people can be guaranteed that we can do it. We have fully costed and can deliver with our manifesto.”

He added: “I am confident people will come out and support us when they see the manifesto on Monday.”

Reiterating the party’s recent campaign slogan of ‘for the many, not the few’, Mr Kenny said he would be focussing during his campaign on platforms including Brexit, health, immigration and fox hunting.

He also appealed to as many people as possible, including younger voters, to register to vote whatever party they supported and to turn-out for the election.