‘Tell police’ plea after fourth dog is allegedly poisoned on Winthorpe beach

Dog walkers are being urged to tell the police if they think their dog has been poisoned after reports of a fourth pet dying following a walk on Winthorpe beach.

Earlier in the week there was public outrage when it was reported two dogs had died after allegedly eating “rat poison” on the beach.

Following reports of two more dogs sadly dying, there has been concern from East Lindsey District Council that the deaths were not reported to them or the police.

Sue Farenden, the council’s dog warden, said: “The council hasn’t received any reports from dog owners of poisoning on the beach at Winthorpe but has seen the media reports.

“We’d ask anyone who thinks their dog has been poisoned to report this to the police for investigation. As items regularly wash ashore, we always remind people to keep an eye on their dog whilst on the beach.”

Police have confirmed they have not had any reports of a dogs dying that could be blamed on poison being left on Winthorpe beach. A spokesman said: “We are aware aware there has been discussion on social media about this but we have only one incident logged and that is from a dog-owner wanting to make us aware because she has seen the reports on social media, as opposed to making a specific complaint about poisoning. “Her dog was put down but the vet couldn’t say for sure it was ill due to poisoning so we have no investigation ongoing and no evidence of any offences.

“We would encourage anyone to report concerns.”

Fenwold Veterinary Practice, less than two miles away from the beach in question, has also said they have had no dogs have been taken in with suspected poisoning following a walk on Winthorpe beach.

A spokesman, however, has offered advise to dog walkers who may be concerned about going on the beach. She said: “Our advice to pet owners is not to let their dogs off the lead. Then they can keep control of what their dogs eat.”

The warning to dog walkers was originally posted on Facebook on Monday, with fears the poison had been put down by the council. Nade Lang Rutherford said: “Warning to all dog owners in Winthorpe. My mum’s friends dog had to be put to sleep yesterday after picking up and eating poison that was on the beach in Winthorpe.

“She is heartbroken.

“The vet said it was definitely rat poison so it’s been done purposefully”

Patrycja Tomaszewska said: “I live in Chapel and my neighbour’s dog been put down as he ate rat poison on the beach.

“Council put it down to kill all the foxes...obviously didn’t think it through. I’d be writing complain to council to make them aware of it so they can clean it out before more dogs die.”

Today Nade said: “It said on Radio Lincolnshire that four dogs have died. Someone saw people on the beach that they think were the council. It makes you scared to even take your dogs out. I have two dogs and it really scares me.”

East Lindsey District Council said the authority was not responsible for putting down any poison on the beach. He said: “This isn’t something we’ve done.”