Telephone IT scams warning

A LOCAL computer shop has warned the public to beware a new telephone scam after fraudsters attempted to trick people into believing the con artists were from an internet service provider.

The Computer Shop in Skegness has sounded the alarm in a bid to warn the public after two of their customers were randomly called by the con artists.

A spokesperson for the shop said: “Members of the public are telephoned randomly by someone purporting to be from an internet security company saying that their PC has been infected with a rather nasty virus.

“The person is then asked to use their PC to go to a specific website and enter some details on the webpage which allows the caller on the other end of the telephone access to their PC.

“Fortunately both the people had the sense to refuse.

“It can be so easy for someone to sound convincing over the telephone especially after all the publicity about viruses and computer hackers,” they added.