Teenager from Skegness makes plea to help bring streetdog from Turkey home

A teenager from Skegness who was horrified by the treatment of a street dog in Turkey is crowdfunding to bring it home.

Kelly Wood, 18, said she was so upset when she saw security guards throwing empty plastic cups at the German Shepherd/corgie cross she has called Dixie that she got straight onto social media to see if something could be done.

She said: “While I was in Turkey I saw a few street dogs. There was one outside our hotel in Alanya and on the second day security thought it was okay to throw cups at it.

“I was so upset a friend put out a status on Facebook for me asking for help and one of her friends tagged a lovely woman in Turkey called Marah Handburg who offered to help me.

“While I was over there we managed to get funds to have the dog spayed to stop the chance of puppies becoming strays. The difference from the day I first saw her to when I came home was amazing. At first she would just lay there not doing anything, looking lonely. A few days later she was running up to me everytime I came out the apartment to see her.

“I decided to adopt her. A lot of people who go to holiday places to work get dogs and chuck them out when they finish. There’s no help out there either like the RSPCA.

“It is a challenge, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m too attached to let go of an adorable dog like this.”

Kelly, of Grosvenor Road, has launched a crowdfunding campaign called ‘Help dixie off the streets of alanya!’ on youcaring.com and had managed to fundraise about £200 of the £1,250 target. She has a passport, her rabies jab, her microchip and her pavlo shot.

“Next is the blood tests, then the flight and the box to travel in,” she said.

Kelly would have loved to have Dixie home for Christmas but is looking forard to taking her for walks in the new year. She said: “I think collecting her from the airport will be the best feeling knowing that she will be loved and looked after.

“Also giving her walks and making sure shes happy. She will have other dogs to communicate with as we have two. “

She said shewants to be able to give Dixie a ‘happy life’.

To donate visit the youcaring.com website at https://www.youcaring.com/topayforvetbillsandbringthedogtotheuk-681928