Teenager assualted young woman with stiletto

A Skegness teenager ‘inexplicably’ assaulted another young woman outside a town night spot by hitting her over the head with the stiletto heel of her shoe in what magistrates described as a ‘serious assault’.

Summer Sloan, 19, of Roman Bank, admitted assaulting Chelsea Jaggs by beating, when she appeared before magistrates in the town.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said that Sloan, Ms Jaggs and others were all at the LA Cafe in Drummond Road on June 17, when at 3am there was a minor argument inside between the two.

He said Ms Jaggs left the club and sat on a wall outside and was very upset and her friends came to talk to her.

He said that then Sloan came up behind her and hit her on the back of the head with the stiletto heel of her shoe, causing a lump and grazing.

Sloan was arrested and later told police she was ‘very drunk’ and had been drinking on top of medication but could not remember what had happened.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said there had been an argument between the two young women and a third woman earlier in the evening and that later, when Ms Jaggs was sat outside, Sloan, ‘for some inexplicable reason’ hit her over the head with her shoe.

He said that although Sloan had no recollection of this, she had accepted she had done it.

Mr Brickles said she was ‘heavily intoxicated’ from a cocktail of drugs and alcohol.

He said she suffered from a personality disorder and was prescribed anti-depressant drugs and said that after this incident she had had to spend several weeks as an in-patient in hospital at Boston.

He added that she was receiving psychiatric care.

The magistrates told her it had been a ‘serious assault’ and that she could have done Ms Jaggs ‘a lot of damage’.

On Tuesday, Sloan was given a community order and ordered to undertake 12 days of rehabilitation activities.

She was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to Ms Jaggs.