Teenager admits assault and damage charges in incident over Christmas

News from the courts ANL-171019-151707001
News from the courts ANL-171019-151707001

A teenager has admitted damaging property and assaulting his girlfriend and her mother in a ‘prolonged incident’ near Spilsby over Christmas.

Craig Fox, 19, of Truro Drive, Halton Holgate admitted a charge of damage and two of assault by beating when he appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said it had been a prolonged incident over Christmas Day and into Boxing Day

during which he damaged doors, a bathroom mirror and the wall in the kitchen and then punched and kicked his girlfriend Charlene Jewitt and pushed, shoved and then pulled her mother Sharon Jewitt’s hair.

Mitigating, Gordon Holt said that although the offences had been admitted, there were ‘substantial differences’ between what the two parties alleged had happened.

Ms Stace, for the Crown Proscution Service, agreed and the magistrates arranged a ‘Newton’ hearing, which will establish the facts of what happened so that an appropriate punishment can be imposed.

The case was adjourned until March 5 and Fox was granted conditional bail.