Tai Chi workout for Croft Marsh WI at meeting

CROFT Marsh WI members were given an easy-going Tai Chi workout at their recent July meeting.

After the president welcomed 21 members to the meeting, varous topics were discussed and a birthday gift was handed over.

Tai Chi instructor Heather Downs from Wainfleet then began the workout.

Heather started Tai Chi in 1999 and became an instructor in 2005.

“After moving from Yorkshire, where she taught children she now teaches older people, who she says are just as enthusiastic,” said a spokesperson.

“All the movements in Tai Chi help some part of the body and hopefully give an overall wellbeing.

“After the ladies had their work out Heather showed us some more advanced movements, she is a very good teacher,” they added.

Croft Marsh WI meets on the second Thursday in the month except August.

All are welcome. The speaker at the September meeting will be John Teanby, who will give a pottery demonstration.

July Competition results - Flower of the month - 1, Chris Padley; 2, Betty Moore; 3, Anne Fox; Nautical Ornament - 1, Betty Moore; 2, Chris Padley; 3, Judy Ranyard.