Support for Church Farm plan

TOWN councillors voted unanimously to support a plan to extend and modernise several buildings at Church Farm Village.

The works, subject to planning permission being approved, would see the shop being redeveloped, changes made to the cafe, a new office, an enlarged storage area and the potential for a lift.

As reported, (December 28), the revamp will expand on opportunities for the community at the site and allow better access for wheelchair and visitors with mobility needs.

Committee members at the planning meeting of Skegness Town Council, held last Tuesday, felt the village was an asset to the town and plans to extend and improve the site were welcomed.

Coun George Saxon, said he ‘supported’ the plan ‘wholeheartedly’ and Coun Mark Anderson said he thought it was a ‘fantastic facility’.

And Coun Dick Edgington said he ‘fully supported’ the plan as it would enhance the ‘tourist attraction for Skegness’.

However Coun Mark Anderson, felt that there should be more sign posting to help visitors on foot find the site.

Speaking last time, Chairman of the Village Farm Ltd, Steve Kirk said the extension plan would bring the buildings together to improve access for visitors with physical disabilities.

He also said, the modernisation work would help build on volunteering opportunities and training at the village as the easy walk-thorough design would allow staff to better engage with the volunteers with physical disabilities.

And Coun Mark Smith, said of the site and its benefit to the town: “The community has come together for Church Farm in what has been a difficult time. It will improve the town’s facilities.”

Funding for the work, will be sourced from Church Farm Village’s own funds, and applications for addition funding are currently being made.

Mr Kirk said that if they couldn’t secure funding, then they would have to develop the site bit by bit rather than all at the same time.

The work could begin as early as spring, subject to approval, and further discussions would still need to made regarding funding over the coming months.

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