Supermarket parking fine anger for Ingoldmells man

A DEDICATED volunteer from Ingoldmells was furious when he received a parking fine in the car park of a local supermarket.

Kenneth Wilson, 65, who works as volunteer driver, regularly helps two elderly ladies collect their shopping from Morrisons supermarket in Skegness.

But Kenneth thought it ‘wasn’t fair’ that he got a parking ticket for going over the two hour parking limit.

“I’ve been doing this for over four years and have never received a parking ticket before.

“It takes far longer than two hours to help the ladies who are sisters, because one is 89 years of age and the other is 86.

“One has walking difficulties and the other uses a wheelchair, even to unload and reload the car takes me and my wife a long time,” commented Kenneth.

Currently Morrisons in Skegness, operates with a ParkingEye management system which monitors how long cars have been parked in its car park by tracking the number plate.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said of the parking controls, “At Morrisons, customer service is of paramount importance to us. We use parking controls to ensure sufficient spaces are available for shoppers.”

Customers are only allowed to park for the maximum of two hours and if that time is exceeded then a fine will be issued through the post.

Kenneth, who works for the Sutton on Sea Community Voluntary Car Service, takes the two ladies every two week’s.

“I got the fine for £80 through the post with the photographs of my number plate from the front and back and it doesn’t take into account that I am a Blue Badge holder.

“I spoke to the store and then I spoke to their head office to ask if something could be done.”

After hearing of the fine, the Standard contacted Morrisons HQ to enquire about it and upon obtaining the correct documentation from Mr Wilson, they have since notified him that they will withdraw the fine.

A spokesperson for Morrisons added: “Where electronic car park controls have been installed, we invite customers who are members of the Blue Badge scheme to register their vehicle details at our customer services desk. These customers will be exempted from the parking time restrictions.”

Although Kenneth is happy that the fine has been revoked, he says, he feels that it ‘shouldn’t have happened in the first place’.

“Those cameras don’t take into account any other circumstances. What if there was an emergency inside the store and a customer’s car went over the limit? They would have to go through this.”

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