Successful year for theatre school

The Janice Sutton Theatre School presentation
The Janice Sutton Theatre School presentation

MEMBERS of a prestigious theatre school in Skegness celebrated its successful year with its prize giving evening.

Students and pupils of The Janice Sutton Theatre School were given a number of prizes after what has been hailed as being one of its ‘busiest years’.

The school has been proud to bring out the red, white and blue to help promote Skegness during the SO Festival, they followed the Olympic torch relay, performed in the parks and lit up the sky during the Switch On event.

The theatre school also proudly presented its 27th year in ‘Two Tickets To Broadway’ held at The Embassy Theatre.

Not only that, but the theatre school managed to squeeze in 500 exams in ballet, Jazz, tap, gymnastics, musical theatre, singing and drama.

Twenty students passed the intermediate ballet and jazz exams and seven students successfully passed auditions for various top dance colleges and universities.

“We wish them every success in their chosen careers as they follow their dream and I thank them for all their hard work, enthusiasm and to all the great teachers we have in our theatre school for their dedication and hard work throughout the year,” said Janice Sutton for the theatre school.

The theatre school has now been chosen to perform four routines from its show in London’s West End on September 23 at her Majesty’s Theatre after producers came over to see the show which was in aid of the charity, Brain Tumours in Children.

“We have dedicated our performance to Skegness, Starr Halley who carried the Olympic Torch in Skegness. Starr is an inspiration to everyone and a Skegness Starr,” Janice added.