Subway store ‘closed’ after bailiffs visit

A CHAIN restaurant in Skegness has been closed temporarily after bailiffs were seen going in overnight.

Customers saw Subway in Lumley Road closed on Thursday morning last week and a notice from the bailiffs had been left in the window.

Fears have been raised about the number of staff employed at the site but Subway have confirmed it’s a temporary closure.

A spokesperson said: “We can confirm the Subway store on 95 Lumley Road, Skegness has temporarily closed.

“This is a short-term measure and we hope the store will be back to its usual operations shortly.”

However, reasons why the branch might have closed have been circulating the town and a notice in the window issued by the bailiffs could support rumours that financial issues could be to blame.

The notice said: “any attempt by you or your agents to enter the demised premises will result in criminal/civil proceedings being taken against you.”

The branch is a franchise-owned site leased to a tenant via Subway Reality Limited and it is thought two Subway branches in Rotherham and another in Pescod Square, Boston, were met with the same fate as bailiffs visited the sites on the same night.

Speaking to the Standard a spokesperson said: “We can confirm the Subway store in Boston has closed. We hope to relocate this store in Boston town centre in the near future.”

But Subway would not confirm if staff were safe from redundancy nor rumours that the same tenant leased those two branches and the Skegness site.

Glenis Brown, chair of Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “It was a surprise to hear that the Subway branch was close.

“I know that is popular with young people in the town and it always seemed busy.

“Hopefully it will be up and running again soon because I know a lot of people enjoy Subway and their food.

“I noticed that a shop had closed on Roman Bank recently and a pet shop in Lumley Road and this is sad news for the town but hopefully there will be opportunities to open them up again and we’ve got to keep going.”