Students learn how to train the brain

Skegness Grammar School Mindfulness Session
Skegness Grammar School Mindfulness Session

Students received some training for the brain taking part in a mindfulness session at Skegness Grammar School.

The group of teenagers explored the benefits of the practice which is based on Buddhist meditation updated for the 21st century.

Mindfulness teacher Maureen O’Callaghan led the session with the Year 10 students which was organised by NHS Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group.

The initiative was launched following a CCG workshop in Skegness last year on young people’s health care. One of the issues raised was stress, particularly at exam time.

Mindfulness is a way of training the brain to work more effectively including times when people are experiencing stress and anxiety.

Dilys Lloyd, 15, has been using a mindfulness app called Calm.

She said: “We talked about what mindfulness does and it was explained how it made you more aware of where you are. Teachers suggested I do Yoga, but I have terrible balance.

“ I have been using the app for the last couple of weeks and it has been really helpful so far.”

Lydia Graves, 14, said she hoped mindfulness could help manage her emotions.

She added: “I found it quite helpful. In the past I have really struggled in tests and end up quite angry. I had never heard of mindfulness before, but thought it could help me.”

After attending the session Jennifer Howard, 15, said she would recommend mindfulness to her friends.

She said: “I try to cope with stress by planning my revision, but all the pressure builds up sometimes and I take my frustrations out on other people.”

Maureen, who runs a social enterprise, Now Unlimited, said: “There was lots of positive energy and some really useful insights into the world of young people, how life, and things like exams, impact on their wellbeing and the ways in which they manage.”