Student from Spilsby in spotlight for TV show

Jessica Parish, a student at King Edwards VI Academy, Spilsby, was chosen from hundreds of children to front the ITV show Spyschool. ANL-180502-150211001

A 14-year-old student from Spilsby was in the spotlight at the weekend when she appeared in a new ITV show called Spy School.

Performing arts enthusiast at the King Edward V1 Academy, Jessica Parish applied to appear in the show in September last year and was lucky enough to get given a telephone interview.

Mum Clare said: “The next day we received a phone call to say they were impressed with how the interview went and would like to invite our daughter to an audition in either Manchester or London.

“We chose Manchester and Jessica took part in various tasks and camera work. A week later we received a phone call from Spy School to say they would like to offer Jessica a part in the show.

“She was chosen out of hundreds of contestants and went to London in November to film the physical part of the show in the Neasden Studios. Then she went back to London in December to film the second part on location.”

Viewers were able to watch how Jessica got on in the ITV show for CITV on Sunday.

Spy School sees a team of two contestants take part each week in a bid to defeat Goldfist, the evil mastermind who likes to wreak havoc on the nation. The pair have to complete a physical exercise and a series of ‘spy craft’ disciplines involving problem solving skills against the clock. Jessica was introduced to her partner for the episode - 13-year-old Alex from Kent - whilst filming at the Neasden Studios.

The production crew matched them as they have very similar hobbies and interests. The pair both enjoy playing sports; Jessica is a Girl Guide in Spilsby whereas Alex is in Scouting; and Jessica is also a Corporal at Skegness Air Cadets and Alex is an Army Cadet.

Jessica said: “When I found out I’d been chosen to be in the programme I was really surprised.

“It was really fun and interesting taking part in the show, I particularly enjoyed filming on location in London, especially as my part was filmed in a tourist attraction that I hadn’t seen before. The whole experience from staying in London, being chauffeured around the city to meeting the production crew and seeing and how a TV programme is filmed was really exciting. If I get offered the chance to appear on TV again I would certainly do this. If I don’t get a career in TV I would like to join the RAF as a PTI, so we’ll see what happens in the future”.

Performing Arts teacher at King Edward V1 Academy, Amy Everton said: “Jessica is very talented in singing, dancing and acting and is studying performing arts as one of her options. We are all very excited to see how she gets on in the programme.”

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