Street Scene Team’s problems

CHANGES in the working practices of council maintenance staff, designed to save the tax payer money, have encountered several problems in Skegness.

East Lindsey District Council implemented its ‘area based working’ earlier this year, in a bid to save £70,000 and deliver improvements to services.

Failures of the scheme were raised by a member of the public, Dell Claxton, in the public session of a Skegness Town Council meeting on Wednesday.

Several district councillors present at the meeting agreed that there had been some challenges implementing the new system in Skegness.

Under the changes, each of the council’s Street Scene Teams carries out a wider range of tasks but stays within a smaller locality.

Previously one team would carry out one particular function, such as opening public toilets and would perform that over the entire district.

Now a team will be based more around a particular area rather than a function and will carry out all of the tasks required in that location, including litter picking, gardening and emptying bins.

Although the scheme has been hailed as a great success elsewhere, the district council has conceded that there have been some problems in Skegness based on the coastal conditions affect on horticultire.

Southern area manager for Street Scene Gary Spence said: “Coun O’Dare brought the concerns of the local people to our attention and we’re already working hard to address them.

“We’ve encountered a small number of issues this year with some plant varieties not coping too well with the coastal conditions and as a result not lasting the season.”