Starr ‘shell-shocked’ by local generosity

Fundraisers, from left, Steve O'Dare, Starr Halley and Amy Casterton.
Fundraisers, from left, Steve O'Dare, Starr Halley and Amy Casterton.

A brave teen has been ‘shell-shocked’ by the generosity of Skegness shoppers who donated to the charity which helped her through a recent battle with cancer.

Starr Halley collected almost £150 for the children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent while at Lidl in Skegness on Saturday.

She said: “I was shell-shocked - there’s a lot generous people out there and I would like to thank everyone who came out and donated to us.”

Starr has already raised significant sums for the charity after she defied doctors who told her she may never walk again by completing a sponsored fun run just six weeks after undergoing brain surgery.

She said: “The support CLIC Sargent gave to me and my family was amazing and I just wanted to give something back.”

The 15-year-old King Edward VI Academy student was joined on the day by her close friend Amy Casterton who had supported through her illness, after a routine eye examination revealed she had a brain tumour .

Her endless positivity and determination through her illness earned her a torchbearer role when the Olympic flame passed through Skegness in June before the 2012 Games.

To drum up more support for her cause, Starr wore her Olympic uniform while fundraising and was also joined by Olympic Gamesmaster and Skegness councillor Steve O‘Dare.

Steve said: “Starr is a fabulous young lady as far as I’m concerned.

“She puts most people to shame with the amount of energy and get up and go that she shows and she is also very grateful for all the help she received from CLIC Sargent and is intent on giving something back.”

Starr has thanked Steve, Amy, her mum Karina, Lidl and the people who donated for their support.