Spotlight on potential traveller sites in the area


A reminder of the need to give a fair deal to gypsies, travellers and showpeople has been outlined in the draft version of East Lindsey District Council’s new Local Plan.

In the past, the arrival of large groups of travellers has sometimes caused friction in Skegness, but the report insists there is ‘not a significant issue locally’.

It continues: “There is a national shortfall in accommodation provision, and the council has a duty to ensure that there is a pathway to delivery locally.”

The current requirement within the district is put at 20 stopping places, seven permanent pitches and six residential plots for show and circus people.

Of the stopping places, it recommends these should be broken into three areas - one each in or around Skegness and Mablethorpe and one along the A16 between Boston and Spilsby.

Most villages have been deemed unsuitable as locations for permanent pitches because of their lack of facilities.

The report goes on: “The council recognises that members of the travelling community often work from their sites and will support this providing it can be shown that there is no harm to the character of the area or the amenities of those living nearby.”

There was no discussion on the subject when the draft Local Plan was considered by ELDC’s planning policy committee at a meeting on