Sponsored slim effort for Brian

Tina Mellors, chairman of Alive & Kicking, and Brian Phillips. Photo by John Crossland.
Tina Mellors, chairman of Alive & Kicking, and Brian Phillips. Photo by John Crossland.
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A DEDICATED member of a Skegness club is taking on a massive sponsored weight loss challenge to get fitter and raise money for charity.

Brian Phillips, 45, of Tarran Way, Skegness, began his slimming journey at 29 stone 13lbs and has already managed to shed 11-and-a-half pounds in just a few short weeks though sheer determination and the help of the Phoenix Gym in Lumley Road.

Cliff Phillips, Brian’s father, says he is ‘delighted’ with his son’s efforts and thinks it’s ‘amazing’ that he has already managed to lose so much weight in so short a time.

“I am so proud of Brian and I think it’s great that he has lost so much already,” said Cliff.

All the money raised from Brian’s weight loss efforts will be going towards Skegness charity Alive & Kicking, where he is a fond member.

“He loves being a member of Alive & Kicking and we’re hoping that we can raise around £200 for them,” added Cliff.

Through the help of the Phoenix Gym, Brian is hoping to get down to 15 stone in five years and has already done well with dieting, and hopes that later he will be able to do further exercise.

“At the moment he is working on his weight through dieting but he has been helping at home and tending to our budgies,” explained Cliff.

This isn’t the first time Brian has lost a lot of weight. But, sadly, eight years ago his mother passed away and he put the pounds back on.

However, his father says the challenge is an incentive for his son to get back into shape and raise money for charity, otherwise he fears Brian may face problems with his health.

Tina Mellors, chairman for Alive & Kicking, said: “We are really proud of Brian for taking on this challenge and we wish him all the best. He has done well so far and I know that he can achieve his target.”

To sponsor Brian visit www.justgiving.com/Brian-Phillips0 or call Alive & Kicking on 07900 275119.