Spilsby WI holds October meeting

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General News.
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Spilsby WI held their October meeting in Spilsby’s Franklin Hall recently.

The meeting was opened with the president, Sue West, welcoming four new members, a guest and the speaker for the evening, Chrissie Chapman.

She also wished member, Mrs Ivy George a speedy recovery from a recent operation undertaken at the Pilgrim Hospital.

Chrissie’s talk was entitled “Repent at Leisure”, a light-hearted look at the history of marriage and divorce.

She provided a Powerpoint presentation highlighting characters in history and the present day who have entered marriage only to find it wasn’t quite what they expected.

“Some would find quick release in divorce, others who wanted no divorce would go to extremes to stay married. And some would marry over and over again. A most amusing and entertaining talk,” said a spokesperson.

The group finished the evening with their monthly competition, which this month was ‘a family treasured possession’.

First place went to Chris Morgan, while second and third were Wendy Trory and Sue West respectively.

The gropup’s next meeting is on November 14 at the Franklin Hall at 7pm.

The speaker will be Michael Lenton, who will talk about ‘Policing in Nottingham from the 60s to the 90s’.

The WI welcomes any new members and guests to come along.