Spilsby Town Council votes against taking on footway lighting

Residents could be left in the dark after Spilsby Town Council voted not to take on responsibility for footway lighting.

There are seven lights in Spilsby that could be affected – in Ancaster Walk, Old Market Avenue, Simpson Street and Wellington Yard.

Ratepayers are already paying for this. If we take it on they would be paying twice

Binny Smith, town clerk

The town council was asked to consider taking them on as part of East Lindsey District Council’s Draft Transformation Programme, which is looking at ways to save £6 million over the next four years.

Currently 3,500 lights are provided across the district, and parish councils are being asked if they can include the cost in their precept or, if they are not needed, switch them off.

Town clerk Bonny Smith said taking on resposibility for them is “not as easy as changing a light bulb”.

She said: “There would be maintenance to the columns and other costs that would add up over the years.

“We do have concerns. These are well-used walkways and some would be very dark without lights. People might feel at risk going to car parks where people could hide.

“But the councillors did not want to take on responsibility for footway lighting because ratepayers are already paying for this – if we take it on they would be paying twice.

“We are expecting to be asked to take on other things, such as the toilets, and that will be discussed at a future meeting.”

Residents can comment on www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/facingthechallenge