SPECIAL REPORT - ANY QUESTIONS? SHOW: Does church have ‘fuzzy’ faith?


Religion was another topic discussed by the panel.

This followed the news that the former Bishop of Oxford Richard Harries made suggestions about readings from the Koran being made at the next coronation - when the monarch is also made Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

In light of this, the question was asked whether the Church of England should have a ‘fuzzy faith’.

Labour’s Alan Johnson said: “I would have fuzzy faith if fuzzy faith means that our head of state is the head of state for all the people of this country irrespective of their religion.”

He added: “We are now multi-faith. I wouldn’t just make it the Koran. I would make it all religions. For the head of state to relate to all the people in this country, including people like me of no religion at all.”

UKIP MP Mark Reckless said: “Yes, I think the church of England probably does have and should have a degree of fuzziness around its 

He said the reason for this was because it is a national established church and he has found ‘one of the great values of the Church of England is being open to all’.

Conservative Tina Stowell said she believed it should be a decision for the next monarch.

“This is a Christian country - that is a statement of fact. But it is a country that is made up of lots of different faiths,” she said.

When pushed she said it would depend on which parts were to be read but added she couldn’t imagine the future monarch would ‘select a part of the Koran that was somehow inconsistent 
with the values of this country’.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who said she was not a member of the Church of England, voiced a different approach. “What I would like to see is the Church of England having no special place in our constitutional arrangements,” she said.