Son’s padlock tribute on Skegness Pier

Skegness Pier ANL-160920-152401001
Skegness Pier ANL-160920-152401001

A grieving son says he will continue to attach a padlock to Skegness Pier as a memorial to his father – in spite of the knowledge it will probably be cut off.

Paul Timmins last week put one at the end of the pier to mark the second anniversary of the death of his father, Brian, on Saturday.

Mr Timmins – who moved to Skegness from Sheffield 10 years ago with his wife, Christine – said: “We used to come on holiday and sit for hours at the end of the pier. He loved it there.

“When he died we thought it would be a nice idea to put a padlock there as a memorial. We’d seen it done in France.

“There were several on the pier when we did it – some for people who had passed away and others put there by sweethearts. Some were really nice quality ones that had been properly engraved. About two months later I noticed they had been taken off.”

As well as a memorial, the craze to add padlocks to bridges as symbols of love started in France.

Last year, council officials in Boston cut them off the new St Botolph’s Bridge because they feared the padlocks would lead to damage and cause it to rust.

However, Mr Timmins remains convinced attaching padlocks to Skegness Pier does no harm.

He has set up a Facebook page, Padlocks for Memories, for like-minded individuals .

After attaching another padlock to the pier, he said: “This is my seventh one and if it gets cut off I’ll just put another one there.”

Skegness Pier was invited to comment but there was no one available at time of going to print.