Social net jibes fail to halt epic trek round UK


A war veteran who journeyed through Skegness on an epic trek taking in the entire coast of Britain in aid of charity is to continue on his mission - despite ‘ill-treatment’ from social networking groups operating locally.

Eddie Craven, who completed active tours of Bosnia and N Ireland, received ‘negative’ comments online, after publicising his mission while he travelled through the area,

Supporting ‘Veterans Aid’, Eddie’s experiences with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder inspired him to raise awareness by walking the entire British coast, unsupported and sleeping rough.

But all that almost came to an end when Eddie began to receive ‘abuse’ online.

Eddie’s media spokesperson said: “After receiving abuse online and via phone calls [Eddie] decided to take a few days off to consider whether to continue.

“I totally respect his decision. He has been walking without support for three months. Yes, he’s just started to get publicity and the fact that it is raising awareness and funds for sufferers of PTSD is fantastic and truly appreciated, but, facts remain, Eddie suffers from PTSD and needs time out to de-stress too”.

Although support from the same sites was largely positive, leading to free meals, drinks and a hotel stay in Skegness, the town Mayor Jim Carpenter, who officially welcomed Eddie to Skegness, suggested the ‘negativity’ did not represent the views of the Skegness people.

“I would like to express my apologies on behalf of Skegness. Skegness welcomes anyone doing anything for charity. Those on social networks should think carefully before posting comments which can be detrimental. He’s entitled to raise funds for whatever charity he wishes.”

Eddie has now had time to re-group and take time to address some of the issues hindering his progress and is now ready to continue on his journey from the Grimsby area.

Eddie’s spokesperson said: “I’m really pleased Ed’s continuing. There was a lack of support at the start, but hopefully we will also have a sponsor soon. We were really shocked about the negative comments, because he’s just one man doing what he can for PTSD.

“But we would also like to express our thanks to everyone in Skegness who offered Eddie their help.”

To help Eddie continue to raise funds visit the website at