SNOW UPDATE: Heroes come to rescue of stranded vehicles in Wainfleet

The A52 at Wainfleet St Mary last night. ANL-180103-093458001
The A52 at Wainfleet St Mary last night. ANL-180103-093458001

Stories of heroism are emerging after the worse driving conditions for years saw at least 20 motorists stranded in snow drifts for hours around Wainfleet St Mary.

Stan Matthews, his son, Max, Dale Houston and Michael Moody leapt into action in their 4x4s around 5pm yesterday after noticing traffic building up along Low Road.

The electrician, who had driven back to his home in Low Road from Newcastle, said: “Usually when this happens something has gone off on the A52 so I thought I’d go out and have a look.

“A van had got stuck in a dyke and a car had tried to get round and got stuck.

“Traffic was building up a mile down the road and then it was one car after another getting stuck.

“We made a convoy to get an ambulance through to Burgh-le-Marsh and went back to help others.

“Some were stuck for hours. There was a nurse sat in her car at the edge of dyke who was in tears.

“We kept freeing them and sending them off to Skegness. It was mayhem out there.

“We freed one taxi driver - then he rang back three hours later and said he was stuck again.

“I think some people thought it was our job and we had to tell them it wasn’t.

“There was some massive help out there - a guy with a tractor and another with a snow plough.

“I got to bed about 1am and was completely drained, but we’ll be having a look again today to see if anyone needs help.

Another of member the group, Dale Houston, was out again this morning a community nurse from skeg hospital to Orby to a patient in need.

He said: “We were just towing people out of snow drifts and ditches in our 4x4’s

“There was loads of cars stranded on the A52 from Lomax Corner towards Boston, in both directions because of a jack knife lorry. Many people then got into trouble on the back roads from Lomax corner to Croft.

“It was just a case of dragging them out to safety, mostly with them being dragged in reverse.

“We then cleared a route from Lomax Corner across land to Burgh for an ambulance, that couldn’t get to the Pilgrim with a patient on board.”

The A52 remained blocked this morning with drifting snow and motorists are being advised to stay at home.