Skydive raises thousands for activity centre

Skydivers Jason Elliot, Sue Thatcher, and Lesya Seal.
Skydivers Jason Elliot, Sue Thatcher, and Lesya Seal.

An intrepid trio have raised £3,500 for facilities at a centre for people with learning difficulties through a sponsored skydive.

The group recently completed the 15,000ft tandem jump at Hibaldstow near Brigg, in aid of Welton Lane Activity Centre, in Orby.

The establishment is a family-run riding and carriage driving centre specialising in working with people with learning difficulties.

It has set its sights on raising £10,000 to pay for an indoor activity centre. The skydive was the first event in the fundraising drive.

The trio, who were all making their first skydive, were Jason Elliot, 42, who co-owns the centre with wife Corrine, Sue Thatcher, 52, of Hogsthorpe, and Lesya Seal, 25, of Stickney.

Sue runs Sue’s Restaurant, in Chapel St Leonards, and became aware of the sponsored skydive through restaurant customers Jason and Corrine.

The grandmother-of-five said she had always wanted to do a skydive, but was also inspired to take on the challenge by the cause behind it as her son has cerebral palsy.

“The work they do there is absolutely unbelievable,” she said.

She described the experience as ‘absolutely brilliant’, though nerves did kick in on the day.

“It was the best thing and the worst thing I have done in my life,” she said.

Lesya, a lecturer at Boston College, is Corrine’s niece and was inspired to complete the skydive by the work done at the centre.

“It so beneficial to the clients that go there,” she said.

Of the jump, she said: “It was surreal, but amazing. I would do it again.”

They both thanked those who supported them in the jump.

Co-owner Corrine said she was pleased with the sum raised from the first fundraiser, saying: “It’s a really good start for us.”