Skegness woman who stole from old men after offering sex is feared to be reoffending

Nicola Hackney
Nicola Hackney

A Skegness woman who was branded a menace to the elderly and banned from offering sex for money is feared to have resorted to her old ways.

Nicola Hackney was given a seven year antisocial behaviour order in October 2011 after committing a string of offences against elderly and vulnerable men.

Nicola Hackney

Nicola Hackney

Hackney, who stole from her victims after offering sex, had also been imprisoned for her crimes.

She is feared to have committed similar offences after being released from prison and returning to the area.

The ASBO bans Hackney from offering sex for money to any person in Lincolnshire. She was also banned from visiting old people’s homes in the county, although this was quashed on appeal.

Despite being issued with a number of community based orders and also a suspended jail sentence in June 2010, Hackney, a former heroin addict, had continued with her crimes.

She has previously been known to pose as a care worker, tricking her way into old men’s homes before stealing from them.

Sergeant Kate Odlin of Lincolnshire Police is keen for her face to be known in respect to the ASBO to protect other vulnerable men.

If you have any information contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.