Skegness town crier to join in global ‘Cry for Peace’ to mark 100 years since Armistice

Skegness town crier Steve O'Dare. Library image.
Skegness town crier Steve O'Dare. Library image.

Skegness is to take part in a unique event marking 100 years since the Armistice which will see town criers around the world making a ‘cry for peace’.

Skegness town crier Steve O’Dare is one of more than 170 from across the UK and in other countries to have so far signed up for the tribute.

The ‘Cry for Peace around the World’ event will see the bellman make a special proclamation at 7.05pm on Remembrance Sunday to mark 100 years since the Armistice.

Steve said: “The Cry for Peace is a unique event. It will create a rolling cry across the globe as town criers around the world make the same proclamation at 7.05 pm on November 11 wherever they are located.

“So far there are approximately 170 town criers who have signed up to take part. I am proud to be taking part in the event and very pleased to be able to give the people of Skegness and surrounding area the opportunity to be involved.”

Steve will be delivering his proclamation from the Hildreds Shopping Centre. On the evening, there are plans for music from the Skegness Silver Band, a march by uniformed organisations, and the playing of the Last Post.

Steve Andrews, from the Hildreds Shopping Centre, said: “As I understand it, there are only three town criers in Lincolnshire who will be observing the Cry for Peace and we are fortunate enough to have one in Skegness so it should be supported.

“The Hildreds are proud to have been asked to take part and are honoured to do so. The Remembrance parade will form up and leave from The Hildreds on the morning of the 11th and the proclamation will be carried out outside the Hildreds in the evening.

“This will be a once-only event to mark the 100 years anniversary of the end of ‘the war to end all wars’. I am sure it will prove to be a moving and emotional experience for all.”

The Cry for Peace around the World is one part of a larger event called Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute, organised by The Queen’s pageant master Bruno Peek.

It will begin at 6am when 1,000 pipers around the world will play Battle’s O’er, a traditional Scottish lament heard at the end of conflict.

At 6.55pm, 1,000 buglers will sound the Last Post at 1,000 First World War Beacons of Light locations. These are spread across the UK and in its overseas territories.

Then, at 7pm, the beacons will be lit.

This will be followed by 1,000 cathedrals and churches ringing out their bells, before the Cry of Peace take place at 19.05pm.