Skegness Town Council’s five year corporate vision, aims and objectives


At Skegness Town Council’s latest meeting, members approved its Vision, Aims and Objectives to be the foundation of the developing Town Council Business Plan for the next five years.

Over the next six months or so, the Town Council will be developing the activities, projects and tasks it will be undertaking to deliver the aims and objectives of the plan.

After the meeting Steve Larner, town clerk, said: “In tougher economic times it is even more important that the council plans the use of its resources carefully. The business plan that is being developed will set the framework for the things the council wants to achieve over the next five or so years. By creating a plan it will enable the council to develop a medium-term financial strategy, which will in turn will assist with annual budgeting.”

“The council’s vision is ambitious and it sets a challenge, not only to this council but to other organisations involved in the development and the management of the town.

“One of the key objectives is to work with partners to create first class customer services across all the commercial activity in the town and create pride in doing so.

“To this end Skegness Town Council will be working to establish annual business awards to recognise those organisations and people that have most embraced this.”

Skegness Town Council’s corporate vision, aims and objectives for the future of Skegness Town is:

‘A forward thinking, vibrant, thriving town that is known for its welcome and customer service. An attractive seaside town that has traditional values, but which has diversified to become a premier resort with year round tourist attractions, commercial interests, job opportunities and that builds on its own distinctive identity acting as the hub for surrounding towns and villages.’

The Town Council’s aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of Skegness and develop the local economy are as follows:

- Engage with the residents to better understand their needs, and in turn explain how we will address these needs within the resources and powers available to the Town Council.

- Create positivity – Promote the positive, tackle the negative to create a great town, a good place to live and work where aspirations can be achieved and the future is bright.

- Provide good quality, cost-effective services to help meet the needs and wishes of residents.

- Engage, assist and encourage other bodies, voluntary organisations and partners to provide services that support the Council’s aims.

- Promote the best interests of the town for the betterment of the local community.

The Town Council’s corporate objectives are:

- To develop and promote the economic and commercial vitality and positivity of the town by encouraging the development of a first class customer service experience across all commercial activity in the town – “The Skegness Way” and providing annual customer service business awards to those Skegness organisations and people that have most embraced this.

- To consult with and listen to comments received from other statutory bodies, voluntary organisations and individuals to ensure improving standards of service that meet with local needs.

- To work with partners to create and sustain a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all its residents and seek to develop their well- being, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.

- To champion the provision of sufficient suitable affordable homes for the people with local connections to Skegness, whilst safeguarding the environment in and around Skegness from inappropriate development to maintain it for future generations.

- To create a healthy positive community by helping residents to have access to social, recreational and cultural facilities within the Town and to seek the continuing improvement and development of these facilities in accordance with the desires expressed by the residents.

- To work with others to protect the town and its residents from the impact of environmental change, including climate change.

- To use powers under the Localism Act to enhance the Town Council’s efficiency and role in managing core public services, within the Town, where this is the most cost effective way, and seek opportunities to subsidise local public services through commercial opportunities.