Skegness tot in TV advertising debut

Tayden is set to appear in Cow & Gate's latest advertising campaign.
Tayden is set to appear in Cow & Gate's latest advertising campaign.

A Skegness toddler is set to make his small screen debut during X-Factor tomorrow (Saturday) after being picked to star in a new Cow & Gate advert following a nationwide search.

Two-year-old Tayden Stone will appear during one of the show’s advertising breaks after wowing Cow & Gate bosses with his dancing.

Over the summer, the baby food brand invited parents to submit videos of their little ones showing off their personality through dance, for the chance to appear in the brand’s latest campaign.

Tayden delighted the team with his jiggling and jiving, leading to him being picked from over 3,500 entries from across the country to star in the advert.

Proud parent, Rachel Stone, said: “I am so excited that Dance Dance Baby got a little glimpse into what we see everyday, which is a bundle of joy who dances daily with the most adorable personality.

“We are very grateful to Cow & Gate for giving us the opportunity to show people what we see everyday. Tayden was a miracle baby and he in my eyes will always be a star.

“I love his love of music. He has his own iPod and headphones that he operates by himself and I love watching him dance around the house making us all laugh!”

Bruce Newman, Cow & Gate Marketing Manager, added: “Cow & Gate loves to celebrate the amazing personalities of the UK’s little ones, and what better way to let them express themselves than through dance?

“Tayden really danced his way into our hearts and we think he will have viewers boogying too”

Tayden will appear in the advertisement when it airs from tomorrow onwards. The advert will also be available to view on Cow & Gate’s website and YouTube channel.

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