Skegness temperatures reach lowest all winter

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Temperatures in Skegness have plummeted to the lowest all winter as the cold front which brought recent snowfall continues to exert its icy influence.

Although today’s clear skies have brought a temporary reprieve from the snowfall, which led to road accidents and school closures, the sub-zero temperatures continue to cause treacherous travel conditions and dangers to vulnerable residents.

Skegness Met observer Brian Porter said overnight temperatures dropped to minus four - the lowest he had recorded all winter.

And by 1.30pm today the mercury had failed to rise above the zero mark - with minus one the warmest temperature recorded in the past 24 hours.

The BBC’s weather page also listed Skegness as the coldest spot in the country with a forecasted temperature of minus seven.

Later in the week, snow is expected to return as the Beast from the East continues to dominate the meteorological picture.